Groundhopping is a hobby that involves attending matches at as many different stadiums or grounds as possible. Participants are known as groundhoppers, hoppers or travellers. Largely a football-related pastime. There is no universal set of rules for counting ‘hopped grounds’, although a generally accepted one is that a match must have been seen at the ground.

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Shaun Best. A Chester based and Manchester United inclined football fanatic. Up until 2014 I was a lazy armchair supporter with a season ticket to Soccer Saturday. Since being introduced to groundhopping, I haven’t looked back. Throwing myself into the hobby, I set off on a voyage around the Football League, successfully visiting all 72 member clubs in the 2014/15 season. Like many other hoppers, I’m currently working my way towards the full 92, while taking a detour around a thriving non league scene.

The aim of the blog is to provide a part factual, part autobiographical account of my footballing travels up and down the country and beyond. From tinpot sheds, to three sided affairs, modern stadia and ramshackle hideaways, there’s always a story to be told at every ground.

Yes, I’ll be basking in the sunshine on a warm Saturday afternoon, but I’ll also be singing in the rain on a cold Tuesday evening. One thing’s for sure though, I won’t be going back to the sofa.

The matchday experience is a magical affair and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some cracking people along the way – some of whom have become good friends. I’m looking forward to meeting many more fans/fellow groundhoppers around the grounds.